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Flight Attendants

See North America from 30,000 feet

The ideal candidate

Most people who flourish as Flight Attendants are described well by these words: warm, confident, gracious, positive, vibrant.

If you find yourself living this career, you’ll find your days are generally spent providing safe, comfortable, and excellent customer service during every flight.

Passenger approaching airport check-in desk with luggage.

What management is saying

Here’s how senior management describes Flight Attendants fitting into the bigger Jazz picture.

“People spend a lot of money to travel whether for business or pleasure and our Flight Attendants providing the inflight service are those who deliver the customer service and reinforce the quality of our brand. They provide value to our customers. They have a zest for life, travel and adventure.”

Where in the world? Flight Attendants travel. A lot. Here are some of the places our Flight Attendants vacation.

Wet your whistle. The beverages they serve most often: water, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Tomato Juice

Aisle or window? When it’s Flight Attendants’ turn to travel, here’s their preferred seat. Window (60%), Aisle (40%)

In their pockets Here’s a sampling of what Flight Attendants keep in their pockets: their schedule, hand sanitizer, pen, lip balm.

Flight attendant seated on aircraft.

In their own words

Get to know our current Flight Attendants. Here are some personal thoughts they shared.

“My proudest professional accomplishment is being recognized by our passengers as, ‘a breath of fresh air”.
—Ayla Coltman, Flight Attendant, YYC (Calgary)

“If I wasn’t a flight attendant, I’d be singing in a rock band.”
—Al Gaudet, Flight Attendant, YHZ (Halifax)

“The best part of my job is having lots of time off and using it to travel to new destinations.”
Jennifer Tinkler (pictured), Flight Attendant, YUL (Montreal)

“I have the best office views in the world.”
—Rex Anderson, Flight Attendant, YVR (Vancouver)

Note to self

Want to hit the ground running with the wisdom of someone who’s been doing this for years? Here’s what current Flight Attendants said they’d wished they’d known when they started out.


“Always be prepared to have to change plans after a work day if flights are delayed.”
—Ayla Coltman, Flight Attendant, YYC (Calgary)


“Don’t be afraid of the unknown.”
—Pearla Piche, Flight Attendant, YYZ (Toronto Pearson)

Clearance to the start of a great week! Where are your travels taking you today?


Autorisation d’amorcer une excellente semaine! Où allez-vous aujourd’hui?

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The sleek profile of the Air Canada Express livery.
Have a great photo or video of our aircraft in this livery? Tag us to be featured!


L’élégant profil d’un avion aux couleurs d’Air Canada Express.
Vous avez une photo ou une vidéo géniale de nos avions arborant cette livrée? Identifiez-nous pour qu’elle soit publiée!

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DITL - Dash 8-400 Edition


La journée d’un Dash 8-400

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This is what a pilot looks like. The sparkle of wanderlust in the eyes for exploring new destinations. Composed, highly skilled, and knowledgeable. Ready to explain the technical aspects of flying with the wonder of flight and the passion for aviation sprinkled in.

This is a what a pilot looks like. An individual who looked at an airplane flying across the sky and said to themselves, "I want to do that," and then followed their dreams.

At Jazz, our pilots are people from many walks of life. Our professional flight crews are diverse and we are so very proud of each of them. To anyone who looks up in the sky to see an airplane and wonders if they too can do it, yes you can! A passion for aviation is the best start for your career journey.


Voici à quoi ressemble une pilote. Elle a une étincelle dans les yeux à l’idée d’explorer de nouvelles destinations. Elle est posée, hautement qualifiée et compétente. Elle est prête à expliquer les aspects techniques du pilotage tout en communiquant son émerveillement et sa passion pour l’aviation.

Voici à quoi ressemble une pilote. Il s’agit d’une personne qui a vu un avion sillonner le ciel, qui s’est dit : « Voilà ce que je veux faire » et qui a poursuivi ses rêves.

À Jazz, nos pilotes viennent de milieux très variés. Nos équipages professionnels sont diversifiés et nous sommes très fiers de chaque personne qui les compose. Si vous levez les yeux au ciel pour admirer les avions qui passent et que vous vous demandez si une carrière en aviation est possible pour vous… la réponse est oui! Une passion pour l’aviation est le meilleur point de départ pour votre carrière.

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Views for the week: Stepping on an Embraer E175 at the beginning of a pairing or travel to a new destination.


Inspiration de la semaine : Imaginez-vous monter à bord d’un Embraer E175 au début d’un quart de travail ou en route vers une nouvelle destination.

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An inside look at one of our CRJ200 flight deck for the avgeeks.


À l’intention des geeks de l’aviation : voici l’intérieur du poste de pilotage d’un de nos CRJ200.

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At Jazz, we’re more than an airline - we’re a team committed to safety, reliability, and excellence. Every Air Canada Express flight we operate plays a vital role in connecting people and communities across North America. We love what we do and invite you to take a closer look. Join our team today at


Jazz est plus qu’un simple transporteur aérien – nous formons une équipe qui accorde la priorité à la sécurité, à la fiabilité et à l’excellence. Chaque vol Air Canada Express que nous exploitons joue un rôle essentiel en reliant les gens et les collectivités partout en Amérique du Nord. Nous adorons notre travail et vous invitons à y jeter un coup d’œil. Joignez-vous à notre équipe dès maintenant en consultant le site

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Friday is on the horizon (we checked).


Vendredi se profile à l’horizon (nous avons vérifié).

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