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Customer Service Agents


The ideal candidate

Most people who flourish as Customer Service Agents (CSAs) are described well by these words: friendly, warm, thorough, helpful, caring, and fun-loving.

As a CSA, you’ll find your days are generally spent enhancing the travel experience of Air Canada Express customers on and off the aircraft, with care and class, while orchestrating the safe operation of aircraft movements in and out of your station.

Here’s your checklist for taking flight as a Customer Service Agent at Jazz:

  • Teamwork – Your ability to work well with others will help you fit in and offer a valuable contribution to any workforce.
  • Initiative – You will learn to take responsibility by making decisions to positively impact our customer’s experience and to better our operation.
  • Leadership – Jazz empowers all employees to lead by example. As a Jazz Customer Service Agent, you will develop the capability to lead in many situations.
  • Problem solving and decision making – You will learn to make decisions in a fast-paced environment that benefits both our customers and the dynamic nature of our business.
  • Listening – Processing important and complex information starts with listening.
  • Communication – Whether you’re helping a passenger, or problem-solving with a co-worker, you will learn to communicate effectively. Enthuse and inspire others with your tact and diplomacy.
  • Information Technology – From basic email and spreadsheets to reservation and baggage locating software, you’ll develop your technological abilities.
Spread your wings!

A Jazz Customer Service Agent has many opportunities for professional growth and development. In addition to your primary role as a Customer Service Agent, you can take on extra responsibilities within your station. Examples of these responsibilities include:

  • Station Emergency Response Coordinator
  • Occupational Safety and Health Representative
  • Station Trainer
  • Line Trainer
  • Lead Customer Service Agent
  • Senior Lead Customer Service Agent

Join our team and aim high…The sky is the limit!

What management is saying

Here’s how senior management describes CSAs fitting into the bigger Jazz picture.

“Jazz Customer Service Agents are the faces of Air Canada Express. They are experts in the check-in systems allowing them to effectively offer assistance to all customers. Our CSAs pride themselves on their positive impacts on our customers and colleagues.”

Luggage on carousel.

A bag like no other

CSAs handle a lot of bags. Here are some of the more interesting ones:

“In Bagotville, we often have cosmetic representatives who fly to Montreal for conventions and they all arrive at the airport with candy pink luggage.”
—Christelle Lauret, Customer Service Agent, YBG (Bagotville)

“I once checked a bag full of food going to Nunavut.”
—Chris Ellis, Customer Service Agent/On-The-Job Trainer, YLW (Kelowna)

“One of the Elite’s bag. Gold—a very unique look.”
—Queeny Andrada, Customer Service Agent, YZF (Yellowknife)

Luggage on carousel.

In their own words

“What I love most is seeing all those people who are so happy to go on vacation.”
—Christelle Lauret, Customer Service Agent, YBG (Bagotville)

“I always feel at home with Jazz, where all of the employees are my family.”
Jodie Bruce (pictured), Customer Service Agent, YLW (Kelowna)

Note to self

Want to hit the ground running with the wisdom of someone who’s been doing this for years? Here’s what current CSAs said they’d wished they’d know when they started out:

“Be thorough.”
—Christelle Lauret, Customer Service Agent, YBG (Bagotville)

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