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Vision & Values

Our Vision

We deliver regional aviation to the world.

Profile of smiling co-pilot in cockpit.

Our Values

Listen, collaborate, improve.


Grow the business by leveraging our regional aviation expertise and strong relationships with customers and employees.


We deliver through our commitment to:

  • Safety: We keep safety top of mind in everything we do.
  • Diversity: We are stronger through diversity. We celebrate our individual differences and unique perspectives while working together towards our common goal.
  • Quality: We challenge ourselves to continuously improve and strive for excellence in all that we do.
  • Accountability: We understand the impact we have on each other and take ownership for our contribution. We strive to be environmentally responsible and encourage sustainable practices.
  • Ethics and Integrity: We uphold and model the principles of integrity and ethical behaviour.
  • Wellness: We work hard in a sustainable way. We look out for each other’s mental and physical well-being.