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Aircraft Services


The ideal candidate

Most people who flourish as Aircraft Services employees are described well by these words: friendly, hard-working, helpful, and team-player.

As a Station Attendant or Aircraft Tower, you’ll see your days are generally spent managing the aircraft operations at airports – everything from marshalling aircraft to and from gates, to handling passenger luggage, to operating ground vehicles, and more!

What senior management is saying

Here’s how senior management describes Aircraft Services staff fitting into the bigger Jazz picture.

“The complexity of airport operations is really unknown to the flying public. These dedicated employees make sure the aircraft are where they’re supposed to be, that your luggage is loaded and cared for, and makes it to your destination. There are so many people behind the scenes of your flight and this group is a valuable part of that.”

Overheating pedometer. How many steps can you expect to take during a typical shift? 12,000 (nearly 10km)

In their own words

What are current Aircraft Services employees like? Here are some personal thoughts they had to share.

“I’m very passionate about my job as I enjoy the physical challenge it brings. Whether handling bags, marshalling an aircraft or pushing a plane back from a gate, I’m not afraid to face it head on.

I thoroughly appreciate working amongst a great team who have welcomed me with open arms and demonstrated the importance of working hard and having fun on the job. Laughter is the best medicine even when faced with challenging times. Being on the ramp has inspired me to become a Lead or Trainer one day. After that, the sky is the limit!”

Vanessa Luxford (pictured), Ramp Attendant, YYJ (Victoria)

Ground crew near aircraft.

Note to self

Want to hit the ground running with the wisdom of someone who’s been doing this for years? Here’s what current Aircraft Services employees said they’d wished they’d known when they started out.

“I love airplanes! I found this to be a great place to start my aviation career while I decide on my future as an aircraft maintenance engineer or pilot.”
—Haresh Murjani, Tower, YYC (Calgary)

Ground crew near aircraft.

We’re recruiting Ramp Attendants at our Victoria base.

As a member of our aircraft services team, you’ll be responsible for marshalling aircraft in and out of their park spots, loading and unloading baggage and cargo for our customers, and providing clear communications to our pilots on board the aircraft. Therefore, you must be flexible and be able to work as part of a team.

This is a safety-critical position, requiring strict adherence to our operating procedures while driving and working around aircraft.

For more information about this role or to apply, click the link in our bio.

Please refer to the Jazz Aviation careers page for full job details.


Nous recrutons des agent(e)s – Aire de trafic pour notre base de Victoria.

En tant que membre de notre équipe des Services avions, vous dirigerez les avions vers leurs espaces de stationnement et hors de ces derniers, chargerez et déchargerez les bagages et le fret de nos clients, et fournirez une communication détaillée aux pilotes à bord des avions. Vous devrez donc faire preuve de souplesse et être en mesure de travailler en équipe.

Il s’agit d’un poste stratégique en matière de sécurité. Les procédures d’exploitation doivent être respectées rigoureusement lors de la conduite de véhicules et de l’accomplissement de tâches à proximité des avions.

Pour en savoir plus ou pour poser votre candidature, cliquez sur le lien dans notre bio.

Consultez la page carrières de Jazz Aviation pour connaître les détails de l’offre d’emploi.

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At many airports, Jazz uses tractors instead of purpose-built tow vehicles. These tractors provide many advantages to help our tow crews do their jobs safely and efficiently, including:

✅The driver seat in tractors sits higher, providing better overall visibility and putting them closer to eye level with the flight deck operator.

✅They are four-wheel drive (4x4) and impressive in the winter, very rarely getting stuck. Jazz crews often help other providers when they get stuck with their tow vehicles/tugs.

✅The heavier weight of the tractor makes it easier to pull aircraft.

✅They provide heat and air conditioning for driver comfort throughout the year.

✅They have an excellent turning radius.

These versatile vehicles help us meet the challenges our Canadian climate can present!


À bon nombre d’aéroports, Jazz utilise des tracteurs pour remorquer les avions au lieu de véhicules spécialement conçus à cet effet. Ces tracteurs présentent beaucoup d’avantages qui permettent à nos équipes de remorquage d’accomplir leur travail de façon sécuritaire et efficace. En voici quelques-uns :

✅Le siège des tracteurs est plus haut, ce qui offre une meilleure visibilité globale et permet au chauffeur d’être plus proche du niveau des yeux de l’opérateur dans le poste de pilotage.

✅Dotés de quatre roues motrices, les tracteurs fonctionnent extrêmement bien en hiver et s’enlisent très rarement dans la neige. Les équipes de Jazz aident souvent les autres fournisseurs lorsque leurs véhicules ou remorqueurs sont enlisés.

✅Le poids supérieur des tracteurs facilite le remorquage des avions.

✅Ils sont chauffés et climatisés, ce qui assure le confort des chauffeurs toute l’année.

✅Ils possèdent un excellent rayon de braquage.

Ces véhicules polyvalents nous aident à relever les défis posés par le climat canadien!

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