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Aircraft Services


The ideal candidate

Most people who flourish as Aircraft Services employees are described well by these words: friendly, hard-working, helpful, and team-player.

If you find yourself living this career, you’ll see your days are generally spent managing the ground operations at airports – everything from marshalling aircraft to and from gates, to handling passenger luggage to operating ground vehicles and more!

What senior management is saying

Here’s how senior management describes Aircraft Services staff fitting into the bigger Jazz picture.

“The complexity of airport operations is really unknown to the flying public. These dedicated employees make sure the aircraft are where they’re supposed to be, that your luggage is loaded and cared for, and makes it to your destination. There are so many people behind the scenes of your flight and this group is a valuable part of that.”

Overheating pedometer. How many steps can you expect to take during a typical shift? 12,000 (nearly 10km)

Ground crew taking a break.

In their own words

What are current Aircraft Services employees like? Here are some personal thoughts they had to share.

“My coworkers are like a family to me and I don’t know any other workplace that can say that.”
Justin Eiler (pictured), Ramp Senior Lead, YXU (London)

Ground crew near aircraft.

Note to self

Want to hit the ground running with the wisdom of someone who’s been doing this for years? Here’s what current Aircraft Services employees said they’d wished they’d known when they started out.

“I love airplanes! I found this to be a great place to start my aviation career while I decide on my future as an aircraft maintenance engineer or pilot.”
—Haresh Murjani, Tower, YYC (Calgary)

Ground crew near aircraft.
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