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Maintenance crew in hangar.

The ideal candidate

Most people who flourish in Maintenance are described well by these words: hard working, strong, driven, meticulous and team player.

If you find yourself living this career, you’ll see your days are generally spent maintaining and repairing aircraft in order to ensure safe and comfortable air service.

Maintenance crew in hangar.
Maintenance crew in hangar.

What management is saying

Here’s how senior management describes Maintenance professionals fitting into the bigger Jazz picture.

“Everyone is keenly aware of showing up at the airport and seeing pilots and flight attendants but one of the more critical components of having a successful trip (and airline) are the maintenance professionals who make sure the aircraft is safe and ready. This role has gotten increasingly more complex over the years with advances in technology. This unheralded group of employees ensures your comfort and safety, and attends to comfort concerns such as in-flight entertainment screens, the lavatory, and so much more. They’re very focused on safety, very strong trouble shooters and problem solvers, and very committed to our culture.”

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In their own words

What are current Maintenance professionals like? Here are some personal thoughts they shared.

“My proudest moment so far is being part of the team that installed Gogo Wi-Fi into the CRJ-705 fleet.”
Shamir McLeish (pictured), Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, YHZ (Halifax)

Man running with dog on beach.

Note to self

Want to hit the ground running with the wisdom of someone’s who’s been doing this for years? Here’s what current Maintenance professionals said they’d wished they’d know when they started out.

“Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t get the fix right away. Some snags can’t be fixed instantly. Just follow the required documents and references and know that it’s not just you on your own. That’s what your crew is there for. It takes a team.”
—Shamir McLeish, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, YHZ (Halifax)

Jazz is seeking a Ground Equipment Mechanic to join our team in Montréal, Quebec.

Reporting to the Ground Equipment Crew Chief and the Manager, Systems Support & GSE, the successful candidate will provide scheduled and unscheduled ground support equipment maintenance, including all types of vehicles and engine-driven equipment.

For example: deice trucks, ground power units, air conditioning carts, tow tractors, forklifts, and belt loaders, tow bars, work stands, scissor lifts, hydraulic power units and jacks, sky-check carts, AC and DC electric mobile power carts.

We’re looking for an individual who completed an Auto Mechanic or Heavy Equipment Mechanic trade program at a recognized post-secondary institution with a valid Journeyman Certificate.

For more information about this role or to apply, click the link in our bio.

Please refer to the Jazz Aviation Careers page for full job details.


Jazz est à la recherche d’un mécanicien ou d’une mécanicienne – Matériel au sol pour faire partie de son équipe de Montréal, au Québec.

Sous la responsabilité du ou de la chef d’équipe – Matériel au sol et du ou de la chef de service – Soutien des systèmes et Matériel au sol, la personne retenue effectuera les travaux d’entretien prévus et imprévus du matériel au sol, y compris tous les types de véhicules et de matériel motorisé.

Par exemple : camions de dégivrage, groupes électrogènes de parc, chariots de climatisation, tracteurs de remorquage, chariots élévateurs à fourche et transporteurs à courroie, barres de remorquage, plateformes de travail, plateformes élévatrices à ciseaux, groupes et vérins hydrauliques, chariots ConsignAir et GPU électriques AC et DC.

Le ou la candidate recherché(e) doit détenir un diplôme d’études d’un établissement postsecondaire reconnu en mécanique automobile ou en mécanique d'équipement lourd et une attestation valide d’expérience d’ouvrier qualifié.

Pour en savoir plus ou pour poser votre candidature, cliquez sur le lien dans notre bio.

Consultez la page carrières de Jazz Aviation pour connaître les détails de l’offre d’emploi.

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Our workforce embraces safety every day, and our employees lead by example.

Our dedicated local workplace committees advance safety for all employees, and we have healthy and robust safety reporting across the organization. Our dynamic internal audit program works by identifying risks, process enhancement opportunities, and procedural changes – to constantly strive to advance safety within Jazz.


Nos employés incarnent la sécurité chaque jour et savent montrer l’exemple.

Nos différents comités locaux se consacrent à la promotion de la sécurité pour tous nos employés, et nous avons un système d’information réfléchi et solide en matière de sécurité dans toute notre entreprise. Notre programme de vérification interne dynamique permet d’identifier les risques, les occasions d’amélioration des processus et les changements de procédures, toujours dans le but de promouvoir la sécurité au sein de Jazz.

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Jazz is now hiring Ground Equipment Mechanic(s) in Montreal to perform maintenance work on vehicles and motorized equipment, such as de-icing trucks, fleet generators, air conditioners, tow tractors, forklifts, and belt conveyors.

For more information or to apply, please click the link in our bio.


Jazz cherche à combler un ou plusieurs postes de mécanicien ou mécanicienne – Matériel au sol à Montréal pour l’entretien des véhicules et du matériel motorisé (camions de dégivrage, groupes électrogènes, climatiseurs, tracteurs de remorquage, chariots élévateurs et transporteurs à courroie).

Pour obtenir davantage d’information ou poser votre candidature, cliquez sur le lien dans notre bio.

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