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Flight Operations Services

Our flight operations services can be provided anywhere in the world and tailored to satisfy the requirements of your local authority. Let our aviation experience work for you.

Flight Operations Technical

We offer a variety of flight operations technical services.

  • Contract crewing
  • AOM / SOP development
  • Crew planning
  • Performance
  • Aeronautical documentation
  • Runway analysis
  • Electronic flight bag (EFB) implementation
  • Procurement
  • Program planning
  • Regulatory approval
  • Regulatory liaison

Pilot Training

We can provide training or assist you in developing your training program.

  • Computer-based training
  • Simulator (wet/dry)
  • Line training and checking
  • Training program development
  • Operations manual development
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) training

Inflight Services

We can also provide training and expertise for cabin crews.

  • Flight attendant training and manuals
  • Line training and checking
  • Cabin door simulators
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) training


Captain Steve Linthwaite
Vice President, Flight Operations