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Get your pilot career on the right path

Cockpit view of pilot's hand on airplane control panel.

The ideal candidate

Most people who flourish as Pilots are described well by these words: honest, confident, passionate, meticulous and decisive.

If you find yourself living this career, you’ll find that your days are generally spent in the flight decks of Jazz aircraft operating with safety as our top priority.

Cockpit view of pilot's hand on airplane control panel.
Profile of smiling pilot.

What management is saying

Here’s how senior management describes Pilots fitting into the bigger Jazz picture.

“In the airline business, most customers associate their comfort and safety with the quality and professionalism of the pilots. There’s a high degree of confidence when a competent, engaged, and professional pilot greets you and your family upon boarding. It goes beyond physical flying of the airplane. They have a strong love of aviation.”

Can’t fly without it.

These are things our pilots said they rely on when they’re in the flight deck: aviator shades, watch, coffee, pen and lip balm

Pilot smiling in cockpit.

In their own words

What are current Pilots like? Here are some personal thoughts they shared.

“Runway 30 in Sault Ste. Marie—after the sun sets it’s a beautiful approach.”
—Scott Armstrong (pictured), Dash 8-400 First Officer, YYZ (Toronto Pearson)

“My proudest moment was navigating my way from Calgary to San Francisco in a C172.”
—Amber Gladue, Dash 8-400 First Officer, YVR (Vancouver)

“The best part of my job? The takeoffs and landings, of course!”
—Brooke De Backer, Dash 8-400 First Officer, YYZ (Toronto Pearson)

“If I wasn’t a pilot, I’d own a very old-school, vintage barber shop”
—David Green, Training Captain Dash 8-400, YYZ (Toronto Pearson)

“I’ll always remember flying a Q400 with my dad as the Captain.”
—Jessica Traynor, First Officer Dash 8-400, YYZ (Toronto Pearson)

Note to self

Want to hit the ground running with the wisdom of someone’s who’s been doing this for years? Here’s what current Pilots said they’d wished they’d known when they started out.

“Push yourself and you will see that the reward is worth it all.”
—Pete Lauzier-Blais, CRJ First Officer, YUL (Montreal)

“I wish I applied to be a Jazz pilot two years sooner!”
—Brooke De Backer, Dash 8-400 First Officer, YYZ (Toronto Pearson)

“To fly good, you have to look good!”
—Bruno Flageol, Dash 8 Captain, YUL (Montreal)

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